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  • A Community Connector is an individual, a business (e.g., local yarn shop), an organization (e.g., a local guild), or a group of like-minded individuals that want to source no-cost fiber arts resources to the public

  • Community Connectors are the people-power behind Collectives. Think of it as the same relationship that Stewards have to their Little Free Libraries (btw, F2 isn’t affiliated with LFL)

What am I / are we committing to?

  • Entirely up to you. Your only commitment is, if you’re providing resources through your Fibre Forward Collective, they are offered at no cost to the public.

  • Your Collective is what you make of it. Start small. See how it goes. Every skein makes a difference.

  • Examples

    • LYS One-Time Donation Drive: FIBRE dedicated the month of September 2019 to a donation drive. FIBRE set up a bin in their shop to collect fiber, needles & hooks, patterns, notions, etc. during business hours. Fibre Forward will pick up at FIBRE in Neenah, Wisconsin and take care of the rest! Could be a one-time thing, could happen again - it’s all up to you as a Community Connector!

    • Collective dedicated to a charity: Julia, a college student, paired up with Fibre Forward to sponsor a Collective dedicated to Knitted Knockers. She asked if we could ensure a stream of approved yarns, poly-fill, and people-power to help her source Knitted Knockers. Within 24 hours of our enthusiastic “YES!" Julia had teamed up with the Carbone Cancer Center at University of Wisconsin as her first “adopted” hospital. Stay tuned for the official launch to find out how you can help!

    • Inaugural Madison, Wisconsin Collective: Publicly accessible fiber arts exchange box; in-person instruction & supplies; no-cost patterns for knit & crochet in print & online; ships supplies upon request; hosts a public, weekly stitching circle to provide no-cost instruction & supplies, charity stitch, and build community; pairs up with local charities, community organizations, and initiatives to help meet community needs and expand access points for marginalized populations (e.g., working with the Madison Knitters Guild to source fiber arts supplies to Wisconsin’s prisons).

Registration Includes

  • A weather-resistant Community Connector sign with your individual or organization/business/group name, Collective Number, and your city.

sign proof.png

personalized c2 sign

  • Spot on the Community Connector Map (forthcoming)

  • Elect to be featured on social media and the website

  • One-time $50 registration cost for individuals. $100 for businesses, organizations, and groups

  • Registration covers the cost of the sign, stickers, welcome materials, and shipping. Though unexpected, any funds in excess of direct cost of these items is dedicated exclusively to providing fiber arts resources to the public at no cost.

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