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Become a Community Connector

  • A Community Connector is an individual, a fiber arts business, organization, or group of like-minded individuals that registers with Fibre Forward

  • A Community Connector provides fiber arts resources to the public at no cost, by sourcing and maintaining their own Collective of no cost fiber arts resources

  • A Community Connector is an access-point to pay fiber forward, as a part of the larger movement

Registration Includes

  • A weather-resistant Community Connector sign with your individual or organization/business name, Collective Number, and your city.

sign proof.png

personalized sign with name & location

  • Spot on the Community Connector Map (forthcoming)

  • Elect to be featured on social media and the website

  • One-time $50 registration cost for individuals. $100 for businesses, organizations, and groups

  • Registration covers the cost of the sign, stickers, welcome materials, and shipping. Though unexpected, any funds in excess of direct cost of these items is dedicated exclusively to providing fiber arts resources to the public at no cost.

Examples of Community Connectors in Action

  • Individual: Allison, the first Community Connector, started and sources her own Collective exchange box in Madison, Wisconsin, provides in-person instruction, and mails resources. Other Collective ideas include, but are not limited to standalone boxes, resource provision by other means such as mail, drop-off/pick-up, or in person provision of fiber arts resources to the public at no cost.

  • For a Local Yarn Store that is a Community Connector, the LYS could host a Collective where it collects donated fiber arts supplies, sends them to Fibre Forward for distribution / distributes them at a local homeless shelter / hosts their own exchange box (options are endless!), and provides customers a discount for shopping the day of donation.

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