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Danielle (she / her / hers) learned to crochet from books, with a neighbor’s help, about 10 years ago. The experience blew away the stereotype that crochet was for old ladies that make scratchy, acrylic afghans.

After making many scarves, shawls, sweaters and other items, Danielle discovered she had a talent and passion for amigurami, which is creating objects with crochet. It helped that this requires many yarn types and colors to feed her ever-growing stash!

Danielle recently started knitting, and her hats are especially fantastic. She’s constantly learning more about fiber, the animals, and the processes of making yarn.

Likes: The creative process of yarn arts and the community of fiber artists

Dislikes: The extra steps needed to meet animals due to her physical disability. And dropped stitches in knitting!

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