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Summer at F2

Fiber Friends,

The last couple of months have been incredible in F2-land. We’ve been so busy that we’ve neglected to update the blog with all the updates!

Our Instagram has the play-by-play of the generous donations coming in each week, what we’re developing, and ideas shooting out of our 24/7 spinning wheel of ideas.

F2 has been asked to provide instruction and fiber arts resources to kiddos at Kids Create, Fridays at the top of State Street in Madison. The Board will see what our bandwidth is for this at our next BOD meeting, July 17.

In development: State Street Socks are video tutorials away from release. Learn to Knit, Learn to Crochet, and a first hat pattern are in draft form.

We applied for a Trademark on Fibre Forward Inc, and that is currently pending.

The F2 Stash has been inventoried, and we’re tracking every ball of yarn, needle, notion, pattern, tool, etc. that is donated and is sent out into the wild.

It’s exciting to be in the non-profit space. To learn. And to grow. Together.

Stitch on,


Update & Random Acts of Fiber Kindness

Fiber Friends! It’s been a while. It’s been a month.


501c3 status has ~60 more days before the deadline for approval (or not). If I don’t get approved, I’m reconnecting with YippieKiYay to help the process along. YKY and I had an initial consultation, and they honestly recommended that I continue filing everything solo, since I was doing all the rights things so far. Their organization is honest and about empowerment. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

On tap for the next 2 months

  • Applied for the Marquette Neighborhood Association Grant. Cross your fingers! This could really give me a jump start, since I have no source of funding other than “self.”

  • Applying for a Trademark. This is pricey. I need to save up around $400 to make this happen.

  • Waiting for the 501c3 designation. Once that happens, I can set up the Etsy shop, non profit bank accounts, and make a call for new Collectives.

  • Instagram has the day-to-day musings and shenanigans

  • Developing ideas to get out the word:

    • Giveaways through Instagram and the Collective box

    • Hand out literature and free stickers at local Madison events

    • Developing Fibre Forward branded Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet instructions. Any volunteers?!

    • Random Acts of Fiber Kindness Initiative

  • Following up with my sign-designer, Megans Custom Framing, here in my neighborhood.

  • Learning to spin AND crochet before I head to a Scotland croft for sheep, goat, and weaving love. Once I learn these crafts, I can put together Fibre Forward materials, kits, and related giveaways!

On a personal note, I had a second funeral in less than a year out in DC. Everything knitting helps me through those ups and downs. Including…


Random Acts of Fiber Kindness create ripple effects beyond those which you could imagine. From a compliment on a knitted object I’m wearing, to brand new fiber friends dropping gigantic amounts of fiber, supplies, and literature for the Collective, I’d love to take more than a minute to recognize the difference RAOFK can make in our lives.

A RAOFK initiative, through Fibre Forward, could really catch on. I’m going to explore this idea further. Any ideas?

Stitching Confession: I Can't Crochet

I just wanted to put that out there.

It’s not for lack of wanting to do it.

I learned once.

But despite my best efforts to make it otherwise, there are only 24 hours in a day…and I’m one of the world’s. slowest. knitters. I promise.

With that said, I’m on the hunt for a generous-hearted crochet-er (stitcher…?) who would donate their time and talent to create Learn to Crochet instructions for Fibre Forward.

Know anyone?

All Good Stories Need Obstacles

This second weekend of the Inaugural Collective was shaping up to be just as awesome, if not MORE awesome than the launch weekend. And. It. Was.

As I closed up shop at the Cat Care Clinic, I popped on the FIRST Instagram Live video for Fibre Forward. Where has this been all my life?

Temps in the 30s, slightly overcast day, spring in my step. What could get me down?!

The plan was to design signs for folks who make the leap to Shepherd their own Collectives!

Did I mention I was Instagram living this whole thing?

I am pretty sure I was bursting with excitement to share it with everyone. So, I panned around the neighborhood to show a corner of my house, as was instructed for Day 2 of the Yarn Love Challenge 2019.

I opened the pink door. And everything. was. gone.

I’m talking everything. The metal desk organizer bins, cardboard box for the Let’s Knit! Kits, all the magnets, stickers, promo materials. All the Let’s Knit! Kits. All the exchange yarn. All the needles. ALL THE THINGS.

I was actually speechless. Who the heck does this?! Little Free Library warned me of vandalism being a thing, and to not let it get me down. How could it not?! I was so proud of this little box and its ability to bring to joy to so many already! I looked all over for evidence of anything being discarded. I salvaged one cute little skein package.

I cried. I moped. I reached out to my people. And I did what I do when I’m stressed, I picked an activity that gets me in the flow state. This time, it was folding laundry.

Enter: LAURA MVULA. Phenomenal Woman is my theme song. For a lot of reasons. Namely because it reminded me that I am phenomenal, just as I am. Turned it on. Rocked out and had a little dance party with my younger cat, Winston.

Enter: My friend Sara. She responded to my text about the thieves in the perfect way. Her first idea was to immediately ask me if she could give me a donation to restock the Collective. Holy cow! It didn’t even occur to me to ask for that kind of help. I simply reached out for a pal to let me vent, empathize, and encourage me not to give up. This, my friends, is why I LOVE MADISON! Sara knew what I needed before I even knew what I needed.

Enter: Boyfriend. Lab Coat cheered me up with the idea of repeat offenders. I was cracking up. And I imagined them learning to knit over cocktails and developing a PERFECTLY acceptable fibre habit. Needless to say, I’m keeping Lab Coat.

Analysis: This is what charity looks like. It’s real. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s all the feels. It’s worth every darn second and every penny spent on it! This was one small obstacle. And one giant dose of learning, love, friendship, and community.

Onward. I restocked the Collective. I whipped up a strong cranberry G&T. And I spent my Saturday night rocking out to Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby, prepping the 501c3 paperwork, and envisioning thieves stitching themselves into lifelong knitters.

Conclusion: STITCH, PLEEEEEEASE!!!! We don’t give up! This is Fibre Forward.

It's Snowing & Rumors of a Second Collective

After two hours of glorious shoveling with Lab Coat and snow shoeing to work, I checked my Fibre Forward email. YOU GUYS: A lovely woman in the Yukon Territory is interested in starting a Collective. STITCH PLEASE!

I like to shovel. I like to snow shoe. And I like EVEN more when I feel like Fibre Forward is a THING! I’ve been contacted for THREE more donations, and the prospect of starting a second Collective - in CANADA - blows my mind.

How cute is the little snow stick, by the way? It’s arguably in the top 10 holiday gifts I’ve ever received and is clearly the #1 for 2018. My little cousins handmade one for several of us in the family. Adooooorable.

Inaugural Collective is OPEN!

Let’s do this, you guys!

The Collective is full of Let’s Knit! Kits, skeins, patterns, needles, and notions for the taking, stitching, exchanging, and enjoying. This couldn’t have happened without neighbors generously donating from their own stashes. Madisonians rock my socks. That folks are taking time out of their busy lives to donate, support, and spread the word is pretty much the coolest.

Speaking of donations, Ingrid the Crafty’s donation for the win! Check out that JACK FROST OMBRE in that pile of goodies. STITCH PLEASE!!! Ingrid Celtic knots all the things. Find her at the contact info in the photo for more info. And another NextDoor donation, seen as the couch pile of fibre I just wanted to swim in, had enough pre-knit items to decorate the Collective with her own scarves, hats, and a little of this and that! What a babe, that Collective.

Inaugural Collective Launches Saturday & First Let's Knit Kit Knitter is Born!

Snow out there? Don’t care! Let’s Knit Kits are ready. Fibre and supply donations are coming in. Momentum is building. Why the HECK would I stop now?!

Also, snow, aka WEATHER GLITTER, is my raison d’etre. The last of the spray paint went on like a champ, and I cast off the pole’s sweater, yes, in the snow. Hammer and tacks in hand, the yarn bomb is complete, several tacks will be found come spring, and She (the Collective) looks like a total babe! Everything is on track for the Saturday launch!

***Keeping er movin***

A KNITTER IS BORN!!!!!!!!!! While I was getting spray paint all over my parka (truth), my good friend used the first Let’s Knit Kit. I love her for a lot of reasons. Think: The Jane to my Daria. When her husband came in the room around the 30 minute mark, she proclaimed, “I AM KNITTING!!!” His response, “How long have I been in there [binge watching YouTube videos in the other room]?”

After 30 min, she reports she was ready to roll with her first pattern. Based on her suggestions, the first round of Let’s Knit Kits are going to be even MORE inspiring for new knitters.

Let’s Knit, people!

Donations are Happening!

You guys, I’m speechless.

Check it out: Two people have already dropped off two gigantic bags of yarn and books for the Collective. Holy smokes!

I can’t wait to sort, pair, and package them for the Collective launch (this weekend!).

First Donations!.JPG

This is a dream come true. THANK EWE!

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