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Inaugural Collective Launches Saturday & First Let's Knit Kit Knitter is Born!

Snow out there? Don’t care! Let’s Knit Kits are ready. Fibre and supply donations are coming in. Momentum is building. Why the HECK would I stop now?!

Also, snow, aka WEATHER GLITTER, is my raison d’etre. The last of the spray paint went on like a champ, and I cast off the pole’s sweater, yes, in the snow. Hammer and tacks in hand, the yarn bomb is complete, several tacks will be found come spring, and She (the Collective) looks like a total babe! Everything is on track for the Saturday launch!

***Keeping er movin***

A KNITTER IS BORN!!!!!!!!!! While I was getting spray paint all over my parka (truth), my good friend used the first Let’s Knit Kit. I love her for a lot of reasons. Think: The Jane to my Daria. When her husband came in the room around the 30 minute mark, she proclaimed, “I AM KNITTING!!!” His response, “How long have I been in there [binge watching YouTube videos in the other room]?”

After 30 min, she reports she was ready to roll with her first pattern. Based on her suggestions, the first round of Let’s Knit Kits are going to be even MORE inspiring for new knitters.

Let’s Knit, people!

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