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Inaugural Collective is OPEN!

Let’s do this, you guys!

The Collective is full of Let’s Knit! Kits, skeins, patterns, needles, and notions for the taking, stitching, exchanging, and enjoying. This couldn’t have happened without neighbors generously donating from their own stashes. Madisonians rock my socks. That folks are taking time out of their busy lives to donate, support, and spread the word is pretty much the coolest.

Speaking of donations, Ingrid the Crafty’s donation for the win! Check out that JACK FROST OMBRE in that pile of goodies. STITCH PLEASE!!! Ingrid Celtic knots all the things. Find her at the contact info in the photo for more info. And another NextDoor donation, seen as the couch pile of fibre I just wanted to swim in, had enough pre-knit items to decorate the Collective with her own scarves, hats, and a little of this and that! What a babe, that Collective.

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