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All Good Stories Need Obstacles

This second weekend of the Inaugural Collective was shaping up to be just as awesome, if not MORE awesome than the launch weekend. And. It. Was.

As I closed up shop at the Cat Care Clinic, I popped on the FIRST Instagram Live video for Fibre Forward. Where has this been all my life?

Temps in the 30s, slightly overcast day, spring in my step. What could get me down?!

The plan was to design signs for folks who make the leap to Shepherd their own Collectives!

Did I mention I was Instagram living this whole thing?

I am pretty sure I was bursting with excitement to share it with everyone. So, I panned around the neighborhood to show a corner of my house, as was instructed for Day 2 of the Yarn Love Challenge 2019.

I opened the pink door. And everything. was. gone.

I’m talking everything. The metal desk organizer bins, cardboard box for the Let’s Knit! Kits, all the magnets, stickers, promo materials. All the Let’s Knit! Kits. All the exchange yarn. All the needles. ALL THE THINGS.

I was actually speechless. Who the heck does this?! Little Free Library warned me of vandalism being a thing, and to not let it get me down. How could it not?! I was so proud of this little box and its ability to bring to joy to so many already! I looked all over for evidence of anything being discarded. I salvaged one cute little skein package.

I cried. I moped. I reached out to my people. And I did what I do when I’m stressed, I picked an activity that gets me in the flow state. This time, it was folding laundry.

Enter: LAURA MVULA. Phenomenal Woman is my theme song. For a lot of reasons. Namely because it reminded me that I am phenomenal, just as I am. Turned it on. Rocked out and had a little dance party with my younger cat, Winston.

Enter: My friend Sara. She responded to my text about the thieves in the perfect way. Her first idea was to immediately ask me if she could give me a donation to restock the Collective. Holy cow! It didn’t even occur to me to ask for that kind of help. I simply reached out for a pal to let me vent, empathize, and encourage me not to give up. This, my friends, is why I LOVE MADISON! Sara knew what I needed before I even knew what I needed.

Enter: Boyfriend. Lab Coat cheered me up with the idea of repeat offenders. I was cracking up. And I imagined them learning to knit over cocktails and developing a PERFECTLY acceptable fibre habit. Needless to say, I’m keeping Lab Coat.

Analysis: This is what charity looks like. It’s real. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s all the feels. It’s worth every darn second and every penny spent on it! This was one small obstacle. And one giant dose of learning, love, friendship, and community.

Onward. I restocked the Collective. I whipped up a strong cranberry G&T. And I spent my Saturday night rocking out to Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby, prepping the 501c3 paperwork, and envisioning thieves stitching themselves into lifelong knitters.

Conclusion: STITCH, PLEEEEEEASE!!!! We don’t give up! This is Fibre Forward.

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