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Update & Random Acts of Fiber Kindness

Fiber Friends! It’s been a while. It’s been a month.


501c3 status has ~60 more days before the deadline for approval (or not). If I don’t get approved, I’m reconnecting with YippieKiYay to help the process along. YKY and I had an initial consultation, and they honestly recommended that I continue filing everything solo, since I was doing all the rights things so far. Their organization is honest and about empowerment. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

On tap for the next 2 months

  • Applied for the Marquette Neighborhood Association Grant. Cross your fingers! This could really give me a jump start, since I have no source of funding other than “self.”

  • Applying for a Trademark. This is pricey. I need to save up around $400 to make this happen.

  • Waiting for the 501c3 designation. Once that happens, I can set up the Etsy shop, non profit bank accounts, and make a call for new Collectives.

  • Instagram has the day-to-day musings and shenanigans

  • Developing ideas to get out the word:

    • Giveaways through Instagram and the Collective box

    • Hand out literature and free stickers at local Madison events

    • Developing Fibre Forward branded Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet instructions. Any volunteers?!

    • Random Acts of Fiber Kindness Initiative

  • Following up with my sign-designer, Megans Custom Framing, here in my neighborhood.

  • Learning to spin AND crochet before I head to a Scotland croft for sheep, goat, and weaving love. Once I learn these crafts, I can put together Fibre Forward materials, kits, and related giveaways!

On a personal note, I had a second funeral in less than a year out in DC. Everything knitting helps me through those ups and downs. Including…


Random Acts of Fiber Kindness create ripple effects beyond those which you could imagine. From a compliment on a knitted object I’m wearing, to brand new fiber friends dropping gigantic amounts of fiber, supplies, and literature for the Collective, I’d love to take more than a minute to recognize the difference RAOFK can make in our lives.

A RAOFK initiative, through Fibre Forward, could really catch on. I’m going to explore this idea further. Any ideas?

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