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Summer at F2

Fiber Friends,

The last couple of months have been incredible in F2-land. We’ve been so busy that we’ve neglected to update the blog with all the updates!

Our Instagram has the play-by-play of the generous donations coming in each week, what we’re developing, and ideas shooting out of our 24/7 spinning wheel of ideas.

F2 has been asked to provide instruction and fiber arts resources to kiddos at Kids Create, Fridays at the top of State Street in Madison. The Board will see what our bandwidth is for this at our next BOD meeting, July 17.

In development: State Street Socks are video tutorials away from release. Learn to Knit, Learn to Crochet, and a first hat pattern are in draft form.

We applied for a Trademark on Fibre Forward Inc, and that is currently pending.

The F2 Stash has been inventoried, and we’re tracking every ball of yarn, needle, notion, pattern, tool, etc. that is donated and is sent out into the wild.

It’s exciting to be in the non-profit space. To learn. And to grow. Together.

Stitch on,


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