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Allison (she/her/hers) is a 35-year old public servant by day. She learned to knit in her late 20s. Knitting turned into a gateway to a world of endless fiber-ventures, lifelong friends, and a way to put her law degree to the best use possible - to create fiber arts access for all.

An animal lover, Allison is keen on all things farm to fiber. Her natural habitat is a cool climate, where she can work outdoors and hang out with angora goats, alpaca, and sheep. Her *current* favorite fiber art is cable knitting.

Allison is overly excited to have a Board that humors her constantly spinning hamster wheel of a brain and the ideas it generates to pay fiber forward. When she's not picking nature bits off of raw wool, Allison enjoys spending time with her partner Mike + their two rescue kitties, Cousteau & Winston. She scoots around Madison on Maddie the Moped. She loves weeding the garden, snowshoeing to work, and paddling in her canoe, the Old Gal.

Favorite Sheep: Lamb Chop

Vice: Marathon Naps

Dislikes: That sweater weather isn’t 24/7, 365

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