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Kristin started her fiber journey at her mother’s knee, learning to knit and crochet scarves for her dolls.  She is proud that her own daughter continues the tradition by being a fourth generation knitter.  Kristin has a strong shawl game.  She loves ALL the colors!  Pairing gorgeous yarn for her projects is her favorite part of knitting.  Her fiber philosophy is that  emotion and intention is stitched into each project, so knitting becomes a time of reflection and gratitude.  Also, that yarn is so soft!

Kristin put aside her crafting abilities for many years while she was working in the advertising world.  Now that she’s back knitting up a storm, she is excited to use her ninja marketing skills to help Fibre Forward bring free fiber to all the peoples.

When she’s not knitting, Kristin can be found on her bike tooling about the countryside.  Kristin and her husband enjoy live music and are grateful to be in a city with a vibrant music scene.  When they are at home, they each have an adorable kitty for their laps.

Favorite Sheep:  Shaun the Sheep

Vice: Cupcakes

Random Knitting Place:  Riding stationary bike

Dislikes:  Grocery shopping, already caked yarn...because yarn winding is SO rewarding!

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