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June 2013.

“Hey Allison, A friend of mine is teaching me to knit this weekend at Steep n Brew. Want to join?” “Can I have coffee?” “Yes.” “I’m in.”

I’m not going to lie, I was intimidated. By the idea of trying art. By the cost. By not knowing what the heck I was doing.

What is knitting, really?

And who does it?

And where?

And why?

And for whom?

And how?

I’d never been exposed to knitting, and I thought I wouldn’t fit in. With the offer of a free ride and promise of coffee, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least tag along.

Armed with our supplies from the Wisconsin Craft Market, we parked it at Steep n Brew West.

I cast on with circular, size US 7 bamboo needles, a lilac acrylic yarn, and as it turns out, really tight tension.

Fast forward several years.

I can’t get enough. Fiber arts are the highlight of my life. I continued knitting through generous friends who gifted me time, supplies, and patience.

From the beginning, I envisioned paying it forward within the fiber arts space.

And the stars aligned in January 2019.

Enter: Fibre Forward Inc℠.

One Wisconsin winter day, Dr. Kat Luther and I were discussing her new nonprofit reading initiative, Guardian Whiskers. I told her I’d wanted to start my own nonprofit. And she quickly passed along guidance on how to transform my idea into a movement.

I incorporated in Wisconsin on January 7, 2019. Within ~two months, and under the guidance of Little Free Libraries’ Co-Founder Rick Brooks, the IRS quickly approved my 501(c)(3) application. Within the first six months, I recruited an exceptional Board of Directors, applied for a trademark, set up nonprofit accounts at the US Senate Federal Credit Union, created this snazzy website, established a no-fee donation platform with PayPal Charity, and connected with community organizations to provide meaningful support.

We’re growing. And we couldn’t do this without you!

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Let’s break down barriers & foster access.


As an arts education charity, Fibre Forward’s mission is to foster access to fiber arts for all. We do this through providing fiber arts resources to the general public at no cost. Entirely donation- and volunteer-driven, this fiber arts community effort inspires new fiber artists and connects members of our worldwide fiber arts community with access to free resources, instruction, supplies, and more.

It takes the human collective to create our dynamic space where all skill levels, price points, components of the fiber arts community (think what, who, where, of EACH skein of yarn!), and cultures are celebrated. Fibre Forward aims to bring the human collective together and celebrate it. 

Fibre Forward has submitted a Service Mark application to the USPTO (commonly known as a" “Trademark”).

With a dynamic and committed Board of Directors and a consistent stream of donations, Fibre Forward’s momentum continues to increase.

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Fibre Forward Inc℠ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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