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Meet Lindsay, Treasurer & East Coast Connector

Lover of all fluff providers, Lindsay began her fiber journey in high school where she taught herself to crochet from a pamphlet. Fast forward into adulthood where she learned how to hold two needles and Google all the knit stitches (she has since struggled to relearn crochet, stitch by stitch). Lindsay is a big fan of all the bright colors, learning new techniques, rewriting patterns where sleeves aren't directly knitted on, and torturing herself with lace weight beadwork. She is an enthusiastic knitter, a now novice crocheter, a wanna be wheel spinner, a confident drop/Turkish/Russian spindler, and an aspiring weaver. She is super duper stoked to use her supreme childhood cash register skills to help Fibre Forward spread fiber love across the planet!

When she's not knitting, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her partner Mark, baby goat sitting for friends, and her personal zoo including 3 golden retrievers, a colorful chameleon, salt water aquariums, turtles, and her harlequin angora, Rocky.

Favorite sheep: Teeswater

Vice: yarn hoarding

Random knitting place: kayaking!

Dislikes: Referring to herself in the 3rd person, toxic masculinity, skeins that tangle while winding...

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