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Established January 7, 2019


Dedicated Exclusively to Fiber Arts Access, Equity, & Diversity

  1. Fiber Arts Resources to the Public at No Cost. Receive donations for, develop, and distribute fiber arts resources to the public at no cost.

    Recipients have included, for example:

    Fellow Non-Profit Charities. For example, F2 has distributed no cost fiber arts resources to The Road Home for a family who crochets together and recently immigrated to the States, the Goodman Community Center after-school knitting group for students, and the Guardian Whiskers charity. Upcoming, in-person donations include knitting instruction and resources to Madison’s Kids Create program to make Kindness Monsters. Dates where F2 is participating announced next week, after the July 17 Board Meeting. Kids Create occurs in Summer 2019, Fridays 11am-1pm at the top of State Street, Capitol Square, in Madison.

    Aspiring and Current Fiber Artists of All Ages and Abilities. This includes in-person delivery by Board Members, mailing requested resources, and pre-arranged, local pick-up.

    F2 hosts a weekly stitching circle, Eastside Stitchers. F2 provides no cost fiber arts resources and instruction. Eastside Stitchers always participates in at least one group project for a charitable cause. Current group projects are Hat Not Hate and the Kindness Monster Project.

  2. The Give A Stitch Initiative. Receive donations for, develop, prepare, and provide the Give A Stitch Series to the public at no cost. The Give A Stitch Series includes original pattern development, instruction, and resources for the fiber arts, provided at no cost. For example, Give a Stitch Kits to teach fiber arts at all levels. Including but not limited to knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, needlework, textile arts.

  3. Inaugural Collective. Receive donations for, develop, prepare, and provide fiber arts resources in the inaugural Collective box located on Madison’s east side, by request, and online at no cost to the public (mail, drop off, pick up, you name it!).

  4. Establish a fiber arts access ethic in Madison. Done through the Inaugural Collective, which includes, but is not limited to, a standalone box at the corner of Willy & Rogers Street to source fiber arts resources at no cost, hosting the Eastside Stitchers free stitching gathering, collaboration with organizations in the community to provide resources, and continued education for its Board Members to expand the depth and breadth of resources available.

  5. Establish a global fiber arts access ethic. Establish a network of Community Connectors - individuals, businesses, and organizations - who provide fiber arts resources to the public at no cost. Community Connectors establish and source their own Collectives of fiber arts resources provided to the public at no cost, such as standalone boxes, providing fiber arts resources by mail, and/or providing in person services that source fiber arts resources to the public at no cost.

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